Bike-Ride To Australia 23rd-November 2011

Bike-Ride To Australia 23rd-November 2011 Edirne to Seymen 92 miles. A complete surprise at today’s mileage, considering I had a total lack of sleep last night! When I took my room last night, the porter asked if it was okay, as it was next to the lift. I said it was fine. I wish I’d have said no now! Although I’m not so sure it would have made any difference. It wasn’t the lift that kept me awake. The noise was coming from everywhere else but the lift!

There must have been a function room below, with a party going on. And the poorly fitting window in my room didn’t act as any barrier! The party went on until at least 2 am! Then just as I’d thought I’d get some sleep, up stepped the staff chattering away and moving furniture! And as to what was going on above me, I think it might have been a honeymoon couple! On the bright side, the breakfast was good, much better than yesterday’s effort!

Today’s road has been a bit of a roller-coaster, with gentle climbs and falls. I think, judging by the smooth tarmac, it’s fairly new. It probably accounts for my high mileage! Let’s hope the roads like this all the way across Turkey to Iran!

French cyclists
The French cyclists I met on the road today who had cycled back from China
More Cyclists

Today, I met a French couple cycling from China to France. They’d been backpacking in China and decided to cycle back home to France rather than fly! So they brought a couple of bikes and some wicker baskets for panniers, and here they were! They’d been cycling for nearly a year and thought it would take another three months to get home, to Grasse in the south-east of France. They couldn’t quite believe that I had only been on the road for a month and that I’d already covered around 2000 miles! They told me they’d come through Iran a few weeks ago. And they weren’t too sure if I’d be able to cycle there or not! It was difficult for them. They had only just made it as the snowy season had already started! I didn’t know there was a snowy season! Still, that’s something to look forward to, although I think they were a lot further north than where I’ll be going.

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