Wednesday 23rd November 2011

French cyclists
The French cyclists I met on the road today who had cycled back from China

Wed 23 Edirne to Seymen 92 miles. Didn’t get much sleep last night, there was so much noise. When I took the room the porter did ask if it was ok as it was right next to the lift and I said it was fine, anyway the noise was coming from outside and above and below me not the lift! The breakfast more than made up for it though, very nice and loads of it. Today’s ride was a bit of a roller-coaster the road was going up and down all day but it was lovely smooth tarmac, hopefully it will be like this all the way to Iran as it’s the same road all the way across Turkey. Met a French couple today who were cycling from China back to France, think they’d been travelling in China and decided to ride back, so they bought some bikes and here they were, think they’d been travelling for a year. They did say that they went through a couple of inches of snow about 3 weeks ago in Turkey! That’s something to look forward to, thought I might get some in Iran but hey ho we’ll just have to see what happens.

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