Thursday 26th January 2012 – Kasi


Got woken up at 4.30 again this morning by another chicken, well I presume it was a different one! Managed to stay in bed for another hour or so but didn’t really sleep so decided to get up and have a nice early start in the cool morning.

Left the guesthouse and set off up the road only got a couple of hundred yards when I started to get a strange feeling in my stomach and I felt as if my bowels were going to just let go there and then! Quickly I turned round and raced back to the guesthouse, luckily the key I’d left in the door was still there, hurriedly I put my bike back in the room locked the door and made it too the toilet just in time! I definitely didn’t feel very well at all now so decided to air on the side of caution and stay put for the day, after all I had my own toilet and it was a proper loo as well! Spent most of the morning on and off the toilet, but by lunch time I started to feel a bit better so went and sat in the restaurant and had a coffee. After sitting there for an hour or so the French couple I’d been cycling with yesterday came along and stopped for something to eat, it was good to see them again, they were in a bit of a rush as they were trying to avoid another cyclist that they’d got caught with last night, apparently all he spoke about was himself and was pretty boring too!

After Natalie and Vincent had left I saw the cyclist they were talking about, come through about an hour later, I knew it was him from the description they gave so I hid behind a pillar just in case.

It’s quite a busy little restaurant as they get a lot of coaches from China stopping on route to Vientiane.

Still not really eaten anything, but think I might go and try something now, hopefully it’ll be ok as I still don’t feel 100%.

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