Thursday 29th October 2015.

It’s exactly four years ago to the day that I locked the front door to my house, said goodbye to my family and friends and set off on the adventure of a lifetime. Cycling 22,000 miles around the world!

I cycled across four continents and twenty two different countries, got knocked off my bike in America, slept in storm drains in Kazakhstan, got taken away in a police car in Australia, got second degree burns in Australia, camped in the jungles of Indonesia and nearly froze to death camping in China, cycled in daytime temperatures ranging from +45°c to -10°c, but despite all that I had the time of my life and was met with nothing but kindness and friendship wherever I went!

And in the process raised over £13,000 pounds for cancer charities both here in England and Australia!

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  1. I remember all the batches of Rocky Road I made and sold at work so I could donate to your cause, Garry…haven’t made any since but I do still occasionally have people ask when I’m making another batch! When you arrived in Brisbane, it was the first time I’d seen you since migrating to Australia when you were not quite a year old and I had just turned nine!!!

    1. I remember them also as I’d never even heard of them until you spoke about them! Thankfully you’d made some for me, which were waiting for me at the finish line in Brisbane (or rather my first finish line!)

  2. Happy anniversary Spike. Lots of memories and so brave. I loved reading your daily diary as I am sure many did and thank you for that. Wishing you lots more happy trips x

    1. Thank you András I remember cycling with you in Georgia and we spent the night that in guest house with the two Russian landlady’s and one of them kept smacking me on the bum! Hope your keeping well.

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