Thursday 3rd November 2011

Thur 3. Margut to Peel-Sinz. 74 miles. Hard ride today lots of up hills, wind and rain! Glad the days over with! After going up hill for the last 2 miles I decided that was enough especially as the road started to climb again, that can wait until tomorrow, maybe there won’t be such a strong headwind. Well we live in hope!? Was on the road nice and early, just as well or I wouldn’t have got as far I have. Went through Luxembourg today, not many country’s you can pass through in one day on a bicycle! Luxembourg itself is very hilly, didn’t really see too much as the weather was awful, although it did bring memories back of when I was young and used to listen to radio Luxembourg at night, it was the only decent thing on the radio in the evening! It’s very German the hotel that I’m staying in nobody speaks any English, best get used to not being understood! Quite amusing talking to the owner and telling her I was going to cycle to Australia, all I could hear after that was her telling her other clients, well I think she was, all I kept hearing was the word Australia!

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