Thursday 5 March. Hastings to Sandwich. 64 miles.

Early morning today I was wide awake a 4am but then I seem to be most days these days possible because of my medication, but I was hoping that by doing this tour I would be tired out and sleep through a bit more, we’ll see tomorrow! After filling myself up on the hotel buffet style breakfast it was time to leave, I knew it was all up hill to get out of Hastings from the two previous times that I’d been here and once again I made the mistake of following the cycle route. It takes you all round the back streets which is fine but it also takes you over a ridiculously steep and long hill only to go back down and meet the main road! In fact I’ve spent a lot of my day on cycle routes purely through choice I just wanted to see if they were better than the route that I would normally take, and my verdict is some of them are better but 9 times out of 10 there worse! I’m sure that whoever works out these routes is certainly not a cyclist and possibly they’re sadistic! Despite going on all these out of the way routes I’ve had quite an enjoyable day. Coming out of Hastings first thing this morning after I’d been over my big hill and come down and rejoined the main road road (which was still going up hill) I found myself cycling alongside some school children who were keen to talk and ask questions as to what I’m doing and why, I cycled alongside them for a good ten minutes having a good conversation before we were at the top of the hill which is where there school was and where I could pick up speed and go a bit faster, so I bid them farewell and went on my way. Sandwich where I’m staying tonight looks like a really lovely place it’s a shame I can’t explore it a bit more. I did go out for a short walk to a local shop (to get essential supplies!?!?) which was no more than 500 yards but it was such a struggle I was glad to get back to the hotel!

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