Travelsonabike2 Friday 7th-July-2023

Garry McGivern Travelsonabike2 is cycle touring in the UK Friday, 7th-July-2023. Brockenhurst to Bognor Regis. 82 miles, although a few of those miles are from yesterday.

I found out late last night that my bar bag had filled up with water when I went for my dip yesterday. My camera was wet, the case that the camera sits in, which also carries spare SD cards, one of my power packs, and the spare batteries for my GoPro and my camera. Hopefully, they’ll all be okay, although I am a little concerned about the camera. I’ve put everything in a warm place and will try and turn them on in a few days. And hope for the best.

After leaving the campsite this morning I was going to head directly to Southampton. But after realising it would be rush hour I went on a detour through the New Forest. And although I didn’t go on any new roads, they did feel new as it’s been a while since I went on the roads I travelled.

Artwork along Weston Shore Southampton

It was a good two hours before I left the New Forest. (I’m usually well gone after an hour) but today I was enjoying bimbling about, not that it mattered. I was only heading home so there was no rush. It’s also been a long time since I’ve taken the Pink Ferry from Hamble to Warsash. I usually come back via the Isle of Wight or the top road. And maybe I should have today.

I arrived at the Pink Ferry just as it had left, so had to wait twenty minutes or so for it to return. Then when it did return there was a problem with the engine that needed to be sorted. After another hour I was finally across the River Hamble and in Warsash.

The rest of the ride home was okay, although I found it hard going from Portsmouth. And could have quite easily stopped. And continued tomorrow.

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