Travelsonabike2 Saturday 24th-June-2023

Garry McGivern Travelsonabike2 is cycle touring in the UK Saturday, 24th-June-2023. Adgestone to Bognor Regis. 39 miles. I have the memory retention of a gnat! I forgot again to mention something yesterday that I thought about, or rather what happened.

I’ve been saying all week what a small world it is. And yesterday just proved it to me again. As I checked in at the Adgestone campsite yesterday, a voice piped up, “What are you doing here?” I turned around and saw a face I recognised but couldn’t quite place. Nonetheless, I thought I’d blag it, hoping that it would come to me who they were. “Oh blimey, what are you doing here,” I said frantically, trying to think who they were. “we’re here now running this site. It then came to me who he was. He, along with his wife, used to manage the Hollands Wood campsite in Brockenhurst.

Now to today, not that there’s much to say. I left Adgestone around my usual time and made my way to Ryde Pier to catch the Fast Cat to Portsmouth. I did debate about going the long way around via Bembridge. But as I’d already cycled that way a few weeks ago. I gave it a miss and cycled directly to Ryde. Although I may have picked up a speeding fine!

Southsea Castle

As you arrive in Ryde, there’s a longish hill. Where in the past, I’ve touched 40mph. But today, I was just ambling down the hill, which was just as well. I was starting to pick up speed when I spotted a speed trap. I quickly glanced down at my speedo, 31mph. It was only a thirty zone. I think I may have got away with it. Besides, where would they send the fine? Although I am famous!?! Do you know who I am? (that’s a family joke)

After dithering about in Portsmouth, I finally decided to come home. I’ve got a couple of hospital appointments next week and a lad’s day out sailing, but hopefully, after that, I’ll be going away again.

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