Tuesday 2nd October 2012 – In Almaty


I was all set to move today, so I thought I’d have a look online to check availability of hotels, the hotel I was going to go to said it was full so I started to look for another one when I saw the hotel I’m staying in, so thought I’d just check online to see if there was a room. It said there was one left, so I quickly booked it. Pleased with myself I went downstairs to reception just to confirm and see if I’d have to change rooms, the girl on reception looked on the system but couldn’t find it, I was puzzled so I showed her the email confirmation, she looked, smiled and said it’s not this hotel, that’s the Astana, we’re the Astana international! What an idiot! But it turned out that they did have a room now, so I cancelled the other hotel and stayed put!

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