Website Moderisation

The website has been modernised so this is just a test post to see if everything is working and how things look!

New look website for
New look website

It’s still the same old rubbish just with a more modern look!

Please feel free to send me any feedback good or bad!

Sorry to inconvenience anybody

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6 Replies to “Website Moderisation”

    1. Thanks Zoe, I wonder where the bike came from??
      Hope all is well in Australia you’d love it here at the moment it’s very cold!

  1. Hi Garry! You’re record is impressive but wait to April before you set off on another trip.
    Best wishes – Malc.
    ps. I am just watching virtual cycle rides in Paris.

    1. I was meant to be going to France this weekend but something cropped up and I wasn’t able to go, but your right April is a good time to go away.
      Best you head over to Paris and hire a bike yourself, Paris is a good city for cycling.

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