Wednesday 25th April 2012 – Anzac Day in Sydney

It’s Anzac day in Australia today, a bit like our remembrance day, so we decided to head out of the city to Katoomba in the Blue mountains. It was pretty chilly up there and I wasn’t really dressed for it, I only had shorts and sandals on, whereas everybody else had winter coats, hats and gloves on, think they were a bit over the top as it wasn’t that cold but perhaps it was to them!

Had breakfast in Katoomba then went the short distance to Scenic world where there’s a mixture of trains and cable cars to get you across and down into the valley. We went down into the valley on the train and had a walk around in the rain forest, there’s raised walk ways to walk on. After that we went back up in the cable car and across to the other side of the valley for some pretty amazing views out over the mountains with the rain forest below. We walked around the side of the cliff stopping at several lookout balconies and around to what is called the Three Sisters, three huge rock forms rising up from the valley below just standing on their own. Very blustery up there but a really nice walk up and down along the cliff edge.

Later on in the day we went to Bondi beach, just so I could say I’ve been there! Not many people there, but then it was late afternoon and pretty cold still, it was like being in a sand storm with the wind picking up the sand and blowing it in your face. Nice sandy beach with a handful of surfers on the water, not much of a surf as it was an off shore wind. It was ok there but couldn’t really see the attraction, perhaps on a hot sunny day when there’s loads of scantily clad girls I might think differently!

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