Bike-Ride to Australia 25th-April-2012

Bike-Ride to Australia Wednesday 25th-April-2012. In Sydney. Another day of playing the tourist. It’s Anzac day here in Australia, which I’d liken to the UK’s Remembrance Sunday. As it was Anzac day, Jenny said that Sydney would be very busy, and we would be better off heading out of town. So we, or rather Jenny, decided we’d go and visit the Blue mountains.

Green trees in a valley
Jamison Valley in the Blue Mountains

To be precise, we were heading for Katoomba, which was about fifty miles away. And I was driving! Jenny had been working last night. She’s a nurse. So I drove while she caught up on sleep. And unfortunately, Noel was working days at the moment. So it was only Jenny and me again.

It felt a bit odd to be driving again after six months of sitting on a bike. But we arrived at Katoomba safely and went for breakfast. It was pretty cold in the mountains, and I don’t think I entirely dressed accordingly. I only had shorts and sandals on, whereas everybody else had winter coats, hats, and gloves. I think they were a bit over the top, though, as it wasn’t that cold. But perhaps it was to them!

Off To The Mountains

After breakfast, we drove the short distance to Scenic World, a sort of theme park where there was a mixture of trains, cable cars and aerial walkways to get you around the Blue Mountains. First of all, we went on the train, which apparently has the steepest gradient in the World! The train took us down to the rainforest, where we had a walk around. Next, we took the cable car, which took us across to Look Out Point. From where there are spectacular views out over the Jamison Valley. And the Three Sisters rock formations. We spent much of the day in the Blue Mountains before returning to Sydney.

It was late afternoon when we arrived back in Sydney, and we drove straight to Bondi Beach so that I could say I’d been there. Yes, it had a nice sandy beach, but so did many others. Personally, I could see what all the fuss was about.

I might publish a book. I’ve found the secret to losing weight. Spend six months cycling halfway around the World. I weighed myself tonight, and I’ve lost three stones or about twenty kilograms!

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