Wednesday 28th December 2011

Wed 28. Calcutta to Jessore, Bangladesh. 82 miles

Managed to get out off Calcutta with not too much difficulty, once I was out of Calcutta the roads where all tree lined and not too many lorry’s, the road was fairly narrow which caused traffic jams when you arrived in a town it just got so busy, must have been hit about 4 times today, not badly but nearly knocked me off each time.

Got to the border which wasn’t too bad, just had to fill out a form before they’ll give you an exit stamp, which was ok, once I’d found out where to go, and then fill out another form to enter Bangladesh! Think it only took about an hour in total so not too bad. Biggest problem today has been, not being able to stop for a pee, there’s been people and there dwellings all the way up to the border and although Indians just stop anywhere to relieve themselves nobody takes any notice, but as soon as I stop a crowd develops!

Met an American couple on bikes today who were going in the opposite direction to me. The funny thing is that when I was getting my visa for Bangladesh the jolly man that interviewed me showed me a card from this couple!

It’s been warm and humid today, first time in a while, it did mean I was extra dirty tonight all the dust was just sticking to me where I was sweating and there’s been a lot of dust, particularly on the ride into Jessore this afternoon it was a job to see some times!

There’s a lot more bikes here and it feels a lot more busier even than in Calcutta, but still feel perfectly safe, went for a wander this evening and sampled some of the local food, don’t know what it was, I was told what it was called but didn’t catch what was said, but whatever it was nice.

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