Wednesday 2nd March. St Richards Hospital Chichester.

Two men on a bench statue
Two men sitting on a bench a statue in one of the corridors in St Richards hospital Chichester


Got admitted into hospital yesterday because the antibiotics that they’d given me at the weekend for my cellulitis weren’t working so they decided to give me a stronger dose and to administer them intravenously so their more effective, apparently! The staff were all very good and helpful it was just all the waiting around I had to endure, a whole day just sitting around waiting for the results of blood tests then once they’d got them having to wait around again for a different doctor to decide what to do, then once I’d seen him and he’d decided to admit me I had to wait for a bed! I eventually went up to a ward at about 8 pm 12 hours after I’d arrived! Once on the ward that was an experience to behold! 10 o’clock it was lights out whether you’re tired or not, as soon as the lights are turned off and you think it’s time to go to sleep they start to administer medication and start checking observations! Once that was done that’s when the tosser in the bed opposite me decided that he was in pain, a youngish chap in his thirties I’d say. I didn’t mind the fact that he was in pain, in fact, I felt sorry for him there’s nothing worse than being in pain, it was the fact that he kept telling them that he has an extremely high pain threshold and that any other operation or ailment that he’s had he’s always been fine but this time everything was wrong and no sooner had they checked one thing out then he was complaining about something else! But he still kept saying about his high pain tolerance! In between these visits from the nurses he’d be on his phone and not discretely either it kept pinging with messages or games that he was playing and at one point his drunken friend rang him saying he was coming in to see him! But he persuaded him not too! He was still messing about with his phone at 2 am I knew this because they woke me to give me some more antibiotics! And then there was the snoring although I can’t really complain about that as I was probably just as bad if not worse once I was asleep! At 4.30am an elderly chap had had an accident in his bed so the nurses had to sort that out which was then a cue for everybody else to start asking them for things or in the case of “Mr I’m so brave with my high pain threshold” to start asking for more pain relief as he’d never felt pain like it before, but I do have a very high pain threshold! As he reminded them once more! Things started to happen at about 6.30 in the morning with more observations and pain relief being dished out, but I wasn’t allowed to get up and have a shower until after breakfast which was at 8.30 I normally like to just get up and get going instead of having to laze around in bed but I do understand the reasons for it and I’m fine with it although I don’t particularly like it! I did, however, enjoy them waking up “Mr high pain threshold” he kept trying to sleep in but they had a job to do and unfortunately, it meant that they had to keep waking him! What a shame I felt so sorry for him, not! My consultant came round to see me this morning and I realised who she was, I thought that I recognised her yesterday, she was the surgeon who operated on me back in 2011 when I shot myself with a nail gun! The bad news was that she wants me to stay in for another 24hrs! The day was pretty boring with me having to rest my arm in an elevated position and listen to all the painful things that they were doing to the rest of the inmates! The afternoon was a bit better when the family and Julie came over and managed to sign me out for a couple of hours!

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