Bike-Ride to Australia 23rd-March-2012

Bike-Ride to Australia Friday 23rd-March-2012. Perth to Northam. 66 miles. Hard ride today. I think I’ve been off the bike for too long! Although I have had a strong headwind, thankfully, I’ve only had a short ride today. Although I think tomorrow may be a lot longer. Towns are few and far between, and there’s only one road across, so I have to stop where and when I can.

Coloured sign with a dial
I hope it stays like this

I noticed how the scenery changed today. The lush green suburbs of Perth gave way to a more barren landscape, which will only worsen. Especially when I enter the Nullarbor Plain, which everybody has warned me about. My only concern is carrying enough water, and let’s face it. I’m not the first person to cycle across it!

Cheap Accommodation At Last

Tonight’s accommodation is so much cheaper than the past few days. It’s only cost me nine pounds! Granted, I’m camping, but I like camping, and besides, I need to claw back some of the money I spent in Perth! It’s a lovely little campsite, with a central kitchen, where there’s a kettle, a toaster and a fridge. I’ve also pitched my tent on some lush green grass.

I received a call from some press agency today. Yes, my phone is finally working. Now that I’m back in a Western country. They want to publish my story in some woman’s magazine. Which is fine with me; apparently, they’d picked the story up from the piece that my local newspaper, the Bognor Observer, had done on me.

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