Saturday 24th March 2012 – Northam to Merredin.

Northam to Merredin. 99 miles.

Think this part of my journey is going to be a lot tougher than I thought, especially if this headwind persists, had it again today. Not sure if it’s the norm or not, bloke I met at the campsite said that the prevailing wind is from the east, another said it’s been blowing like this for weeks now and the lady in the motel tonight said it’s normally still!

It’s a pretty boring ride and I’m not even in the desert yet. The few villages that I’ve past through are like ghost towns with the tumble weed blowing down the high street and not much else! Stopped at a couple of roadhouses to stock up on fluids and food, there certainly not cheap! Seen loads of parrots and some other birds that might be parrots, I don’t really know there grey and red.

Disappointing to be stopped by the police this morning and get a $50 fine for not wearing a helmet, but if it’s the law then I suppose I’ll have to get one, trouble is there was nowhere to get one today and the shops are all closed tomorrow, I’ll just have to wait until Monday and hope I remember!!

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