Bike-Ride to Australia 22nd-March-2012

Bike-Ride to Australia Thursday 22nd-March-2012. In Perth in another expensive hotel! It’s ridiculous what they charge for a room around here. I’ll be bankrupt soon! At least it didn’t cost me as much to get from the guest house to the hotel as it did when I went the other way. Peter was a taxi driver, and he gave me a discount, it still cost thirty dollars!

City skyline
The Perth skyline

I’ve now got my bike back, fully serviced, and ready for my ride across Australia. It’ll be good to get back on the road. I can’t afford to stay here anymore! I hope things will get a lot cheaper once I’ve left the city. Although going through this desert thing, which I’ve now learnt is called the Nullabor Plain, might not be cheap. Accommodation is few and far between, and from previous experience, any place with a monopoly isn’t cheap! Surely it can’t get any dearer, can it?

Now I’m back in a hotel the internet is back up to eight pounds per hour. At the guest house, it was free! And I made the most of it. Photographs from the Indonesian leg of my ride are now up to view on my Flick page. I think hotels are taking the piss! As for my dinner tonight, I decided to stay in the hotel. The only other place nearby was a McDonald’s, which I now wish I’d gone to instead! I ordered a steak, which I must say was rather nice. And at thirty pounds, it certainly deserved to be, especially as that’s all there was. Potatoes and veg were all extra! At least at McDonald’s, I’d have got french fries, and the wifi would have been free!

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