Brooks B17 Standard

After nearly 50,000 miles Garry’s old Brooks B17 Standard leather saddle has had to be replaced. The rivets on the front had started to pull through due to Garry over tightening it!

It was still really comfortable and Garry was reluctant to replace it, but there was always that worry of the rivets pulling through completely and it collapsing!

Brooks B17 saddle after nearly 50,000 miles
Garry’s Brooks saddle after nearly 50,000 miles

Due to Garry’s old Brooks being so comfortable there was only one choice of saddle to replace it! Obviously, another Brooks B17 Standard.

Garry brought his new saddle from B1866 the Brooks shop in London. It gave Garry a good excuse to ride to London.

Now that Garry has a new saddle he just needs to break it in which usually takes about 500 miles, could be a good excuse for Garry to go on tour!

The new Brooks B17
The new Brooks B17

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