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A simple page with links to all of Garry McGivern’s social media profiles. Although to be honest he doesn’t actually use all of them on a regular basis. He uses Instagram and Facebook to post daily photos and videos when he’s away touring. These are probably his most used. He also publishes his blog to Facebook.

YouTube is the place to go where videos from Garry’s tours are published. Which is usually when he’s back in the comfort of his home. Photographs from Garry’s tours can be found on his Flickr page. Again they get published when he’s home. Although if he’s on a long bicycle tour that involves several countries, he tries to publish each countries photos as he moves on to the next country. Garry also publishes a monthly photo update.

PinterestX, ThreadsMastodon and Bluesky are only used to show Garry’s blog posts. And he has only signed up to many of them to stop others using his name. As was the case with TikTok.

But the best way to follow Garry is by Subscribing to his blog and follow Garry as he travels around on his bike. Plus, as a subscriber, you’ll be among the first to receive news and updates on future tours.

If you want to find out if Garry’s away touring at the moment and check his location, visit the Where’s Garry web page.

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