Quad Lock Stem Bar Mount

Phone lock

The Quad Lock stem bar mount is used to mount Garry’s phone onto the stem of his handlebars, simply twist and lock!

The phone is attached to the with specially adapted phone cases which you can get for all popular phones. Unfortunately, there wasn’t one that fitted Garry’s phone! Not a problem you can buy a separate adapter to stick to the back of the phone case.

Hands phone
The adapter stuck on the back of Garry’s phone

Its position right in front of him allows him to see any incoming calls and it’s quick release system allows Garry to answer them before they ring off, even with gloves on it’s easy to release! Pull down the locking nut and twist to lift off!

The Quad lock has proved invaluable when Garry wants to use his phone as a navigation tool. No more having to try and ride along holding the phone in one hand and steering with the other, hoping he doesn’t have to brake suddenly!

Bike stem handlebars speedo
The Quad Lock attached to the bar stem

The quick release system also works well when Garry wants to take a picture; it’s there right in front of him! Not buried somewhere in the bottom of his bar bag and once again it’s quick and easy to release.

It’s an invaluable piece of kit for any cycle tourist.


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Busch & Müller IQ2 Lumotec Luxos u


Busch & Müller IQ2 Lumotec Luxos u rear view
Busch & Müller IQ2 Lumotec Luxos u

Garry’s choice of front light is the Busch & Müller IQ2 Lumotec Luxos u which arguably has one of the brightest and widest beams on the market, although Garry doesn’t ride very much at night it does come in handy when he does get caught out!

Busch & Müller IQ2 Lumotec Luxos u handlebar switch
Busch & Müller IQ2 Lumotec Luxos u handlebar switch
Separate switch

The Busch & Müller has a very handy handlebar switch that is used to switch the light on and off and is also used to switch between the different light modes of daytime running light, panorama light and floodlight.

There is also a very handy extra cable coming out of the remote switch that gives you the ability to be able to charge a phone or almost any other electrical device that has a USB port. That comes in particularly handy when you’re mainly camping and don’t have easy access to electricity.

After three years of trouble-free use, Garry’s Lumotec developed a problem and was unable to charge his phone, which as we all know is a major problem these days, considering that we all seem to run our lives by them now! So Garry got in contact with Busch & Müller who asked him to send it to them.

Unfortunately, Busch & Müller were unable to fix the light so as a goodwill gesture they sent a brand new Lumotec light in its place, despite the old one being three years old and totally out of any warranty or guarantee, what excellent customer service!

Busch & Müller IQ2 Lumotec Luxos u front view
Busch & Müller IQ2 Lumotec Luxos u front view

The new Lumotec is now on Garry’s bike ready for use on his next tour where I think there will have to be a spot of night riding just to give it a try, although I’m almost certain that Garry will be using it for charging his phone long before any night riding!

Brooks B17 Standard

After nearly 50,000 miles Garry’s old Brooks B17 Standard leather saddle has had to be replaced. The rivets on the front had started to pull through due to Garry over tightening it!

It was still really comfortable and Garry was reluctant to replace it, but there was always that worry of the rivets pulling through completely and it collapsing!

Brooks B17 saddle after nearly 50,000 miles
Garry’s Brooks saddle after nearly 50,000 miles

Due to Garry’s old Brooks being so comfortable there was only one choice of saddle to replace it! Obviously, another Brooks B17 Standard.

Garry brought his new saddle from B1866 the Brooks shop in London. It gave Garry a good excuse to ride to London.

Now that Garry has a new saddle he just needs to break it in which usually takes about 500 miles, could be a good excuse for Garry to go on tour!

The new Brooks B17
The new Brooks B17

Thorn Rohloff EXP

Thorn Rohloff EXP
Thorn Rohloff EXP

Garry brought his Thorn Rohloff EXP now called Passepartout for obvious reasons from SJS cycles in Bridgewater, Somerset in May 2008 and he has now done in excess of 40,000 miles on it.

Bike and components List

  • Frame; Thorn Rohloff EXP
  • Handlebars; Thorn 6061 Straight bars with anatomic grips & zoom alloy ski bar ends
  • Gears; Rohloff Speadhub 500/14 in black
  • Wheels; Tungsten black carbide
  • Tyres; Schwalbe Marathon 26 x 1.75
  • Brakes; Shimano XTR V-Brakes with swiss top blue brake pads
  • Mudguards; SKS chromo plastic in black
  • Chainring; Thorn 110mm 5 Arm Reversible Single ring – Black 42T
  • Chainset; Thorn170mm 5 arm cranks (73mm shell)
  • Saddle; Brooks B17 Standard leather saddle
  • Front Rack; Thorn MkV low loader in black powder
  • Racks; Thorn Expedition Steel Rack in black powder
  • Dynamo; Schmidt 28 dyno hub 32 hole in black
  • Front Light; Busch & Muller Lumotec
  • Rear Light; Cateye LD1100
  • Pedals; MKS mtn-lite with Zefal easy clip mini strapless toe clips
  • Computer; Cateye CC-MT 400 Mity 8 cycle computer