Travelsonabike2 England Monday 13th-May-2019

Garry McGivern Travelsonabike2 is cycle touring in England on Monday, 13th-May-2019. Bognor Regis to Portsmouth. 33 miles. After realising that I’ve got ten days where I don’t have any hospital or doctor’s appointments, I’ve decided to head to France and Saint-Malo. And I’m currently sitting on the Brittany ferry Bretagne, waiting to depart Portsmouth.

I don’t know where or what direction I’m going to head once I get to France. All I know is that I’m going to Saint-Malo, where I should arrive at about eight o’clock tomorrow morning. Hopefully, overnight, I’ll decide where I’m heading, or maybe not!!

The staff on the boat tonight have been brilliant and have been helping me out no end. When I went to get supper in the self-service restaurant, the staff were there on hand to carry my tray and see me to a table. If I had known that I would get this kind of service, I would have bought a crutch long ago!

After supper, I spent an hour or so in the bar, which wasn’t very enjoyable. It’s like Butlins on sea with all the cheesy cabaret! I soon left. After all, I still get pretty tired and need my beauty sleep.

Water boats
I’m sure they’ll close this before we sail!

You can follow my progress (once I make up my mind, that is) by looking at the map on the “Where’s Garry” page. And, of course, there are always my social media channels: Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Alternatively, you can subscribe to my blog, where you’ll not only receive my daily updates. But you’ll be the first to hear news on future tours.

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  1. That’s a long haul but then you’re tucked up in your cosy cabin. Must be wonderful to hit the road again. You can always put your bike on the train at St Malo.

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