Cycle Touring Nepal Friday 11th November. Pithauli to Butwal. 55 miles.

Turned out last night my “Jungle Island Resort” was all inclusive apart from the beer and was actually in the jungle!

A river
One of the many rivers I crossed today

There was only six other people staying last night, four Americans and a couple from France.

A steep climb
Looking up a rather steep climb

After we’d all had supper together everybody retired to bed (was it something I said? I had had a shower so I’m sure I didn’t smell anymore but maybe I did!) leaving me to drink beer on my own and talk to the staff who were much more interesting anyway!

Looking down across a valley
Looking down

After the obligatory couple of pints I too went to retire to bed, on the way back to my room which were all individual buildings like huts in a village, I bumped into a member of staff with a torch who told me he was looking for rhinos as they enter the resort grounds at night! He asked me if I wanted to see them, of course I said yes and off we went in search. We went down to the river that ran by the resort and although I never saw them I could certainly hear them. I think if I’d have waited longer I might have seen them but I was getting bored and my back was starting to hurt so I retired to my room.

Garry McGivern
Any excuse to stop when cycling uphill

Managed to find my way back to the main road this morning although that took me nearly an hour on the rough track and it was only about 5 miles!

Once back on the main road it was a very good smooth surface which made for good cycling, there was only one fairly big climb today, but at least I knew how far it was as there was a sign saying sharp bends and steep hills for the next 14km! Luckily for me it was only 7km up then 7km down!

Buddha by the road
It’s a Buddha

I think today must be the first day in a week when the roads have been relatively good and I’ve not arrived somewhere at the end of the day covered in dust!

2 Replies to “Cycle Touring Nepal Friday 11th November. Pithauli to Butwal. 55 miles.”

  1. Hi Chubby Chops! One hour to get back to the main road – gives some idea of the terrain. Is it true that the Rupee is linked to the price of toilet rolls? Sorry, I keep forgetting you’re in Nepal. The Buddha brings it home. Rhinos?
    You’ll be talking about Snow Leopards next.

    1. Chubby chops! That’ll be the steroids imagine what I would have been like had I not been doing all this cycling! It’s still rupees hear in Nepal and with what’s been going on in India with the Rupee I did see on social media that some people are using the notes as toilet paper, seeing a they are worthless now!

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