Cycle Touring Nepal Thursday 10th November. Mugling to Pithauli. 49 miles.

It was a really hard ride this morning for the first 25 miles or so, the road surface was non existent and it took me until lunchtime to complete!

The Trishuli river
That river again

After those initial hard 20 miles I’d had enough and by the time I’d reached Narayangadh and I was going to stop but it was only 1pm and I thought that was juat a little too early, so after stopping for something to eat and drink I continued on.

Goat hotel
It’s a goat hotel!

The roads improved a lot after Narayangadh, also all the mountains disappeared and the terrain was a lot more flatter now!

Rough roads
Rough roads not only dust but the fumes from the lorry’s also!

I continued on for a while longer but I’d really had enough so when I saw a sign for some “jungle island resort” I followed them. Something I very rarely do I normally just wait until I see something on the road I’m on!
And I could see why I don’t normally deviate from my route! 4 miles later down some track I found my resort! Trouble was the road started off ok and just got worse, trouble is when do you stop and say no enough is enough and turn back it could just be around the next corner so what do you do you just have to keep going!

An Asian elephant
It’s Nelly!

Watch Garry’s YouTube video of the Narayanghat-Mugling Highway.

2 Replies to “Cycle Touring Nepal Thursday 10th November. Mugling to Pithauli. 49 miles.”

  1. It must have been painful mending a puncture with a bad back. Halfords fix a flat for £9 but they just put in a new tube and try to flog you ‘slime’
    Oh those terrible lorries – no wonder you don’t ride after dark.
    Is it a single company or are they privately owned.

    1. I think some of the lorries are part of bigger groups as I keep seeing the same name on some of them.
      They are really colourful and you can here them coming from a long way back, cause all they do is rap on thier horn and everything has to move out of the way! Although the worst offenders are the busses they don’t stop for anything or anybody!

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