Bike-Ride To Australia 11th-November 2011

Bike-Ride To Australia 11th-November 2011 Amstetten to Vienna 76 miles. Another pleasant evening in the hotel. I always tend to eat in the restaurant of the hotel I’m stopping at, it saves me having to go and look for somewhere to eat! Plus, I’m usually too knackered to move far!

After eating supper, I sat with a beer and wrote the day’s blog. I was just about to finish and head up to bed when the hotel owner came over with a bottle and two glasses. It was some local brew. She wanted to raise a toast to me and wish me a safe and pleasant onward journey! Which I thought was a lovely gesture! For the life of me, I can’t remember the drinks name! But whatever it was, it was, went down well!

Bitterly cold this morning, and I was in my shorts as usual. Although I didn’t finish the day in them, I soon pulled over to put some trousers on! I think they might be away for a while now! It wouldn’t have been quite so cold had it not been for the strong headwind. But out of the wind and in the sun. It was nice and warm, but in that wind, it was bitter!

Melk Abbey
Melk Abbey, Austria

I saw a route sign for Eurovelo route 6 today. Which is the route that follows the Danube and is the route I’d thought about taking just before leaving Germany. But after thinking about it, I decided against it. I cycled part of Eurovelo 6 last year when I cycled along the Loire valley. And would like to continue that route someday, following it to the Black Sea, but not on this trip!

Right at the end of the day, after battling against a headwind, I had a big hill to climb! Not what I wanted or needed as it was already dark! But there wasn’t any other option, as there weren’t any hotels around.

After cycling into a headwind all-day, there came a big climb! Had I had the option, I would have stopped, especially as it was already dark! But with no hotels around, there was no other choice, tough end to the day. And I stopped at the first hotel I came across, which might not be in the best area of town! Looking out of my hotel window onto a car park, it’s busy with cars coming and going, picking up and dropping off prostitutes!

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