Bike-Ride To Australia 12th-November 2011

Bike-Ride To Australia  12th-November 2011 Vienna to Mosonmagyarovar, Hungary 62 miles. The hotel last night was a bit of a joke! It was very modern and looked expensive. And I was a bit worried about the price! But as it turned out, it was very cheap. (I know why now!) After being told that the restaurant was open till nine. And the bar till 10.45. I was a bit shocked when at 8.35, they both closed!

The girl working behind the bar just said she was closing, as she’d been there since eight this morning! Was that my fault? I nearly said that I’d been riding for 10 hours and cycled 130 km! In the end, I decided to keep my mouth shut! And just ordered a few beers before she left! Breakfast was the same this morning! It was supposed to be from 6.30, but there was no staff again. There was also a group of German women. They weren’t happy either!

The Arsenal Vienna
The Arsenal Vienna

I only realised late last night that the city I was staying in was Vienna. I thought the incompetent girl on reception, who was also the girl who closed the bar, had given me a map of the wrong city! She gave me a map of Vienna! I was staying in Wien!

Road and bridge
At the Hungarian border

It was very windy this morning, but it had died down by this afternoon, making for a pleasant ride into Hungary. My sixth country. It is also my first country where they don’t take the Euro, which I hadn’t realised until I went to buy something! So I stopped early today so that I could get some local currency. I shouldn’t need much, as I think I’ll only be here for a couple of days. The other shock after entering Hungary was Tesco’s are here! I should have brought my club card!

Cars on roundabout
Tesco’s opposite my hotel!

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