Travelsonabike2 France Friday 24th-May-2019

Garry McGivern Travelsonabike2 is cycle touring in France on Friday, 24th-May-2019. Le Mesnil-sous-Jumieges to Le Havre. 58 miles. I was going to take my time in leaving camp this morning. It rained in the night and I was hoping to dry the tent out before leaving. No chance, the sun came up and was nowhere near me, I was too sheltered by the trees! I’ll just have to dry it out when I get home.

Old abbb
The abbey at Jumieges

I wasn’t so good at avoiding the hills today and had a long climb up from Vieux Port to Trouville la-Haule, no knowing if I was going in the right direction! Thankfully I was though!

Caught a couple of ferries across the river Seine, in a bid to avoid any hills! Which sort of worked! It seems that you don’t have to pay! Not even the cars, from what I saw!

Water sign boat
Waiting for my first ferry

I arrived in Le Havre at around 4pm, now what could I do for 6 hours before my ferry leaves?

Pont de Tancarville, thankfully I went underneath it rather than over it!

I’d like to say that I found some nice cafe or restaurant and spent the time there! The truth is that I couldn’t actually find anywhere that I felt safe leaving Passepartout or anywhere that I could site and see him!

Table beer chair
My last beer in France

In the end I just had a little ride around then a walk along the prom, before getting a few beers and then burger and chips!

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2 Replies to “Travelsonabike2 France Friday 24th-May-2019”

  1. Ah, the old bridge of Tancarville. Still, a lovely day for all that. There’s something about being on the road with a bicycle but how do you manage with sciatica?
    Hope you get home and back to the pub soon.

    1. I thought you’d appreciate that photo!
      Cycling always used to help with my sciatica, but for some reason it hasn’t on this trip, it’s made it worse!

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