Friday 4th March. Home

Another good night’s sleep last night albeit a bit chilly for some reason. Felt really sorry for a man that was brought in last night with an infected knee, apparently it all started about eight years ago when he had a knee replacement and it got infected and he’s been in and out of pain ever since, every time they clear it up it lasts a while then returns! I heard him say that he just wants his leg amputated now! Poor man to reach that state, but after eight years who could blame him! The consultant came round this morning and done her rounds and said she was happy for me to go home, which was excellent news! I asked her if I was under any restrictions and she said no, your elbow will tell you when and be the restriction! I didn’t need to hear anymore and quickly packed my bags! Unfortunately I couldn’t leave straight away I still had a cannula in me! I also had to wait for my discharge letter and medication. Even more tablets that I’ve got to take and I thought I was doing really well by only taking nine a day now! I now have to take another eight more! But at least it’s only for ten days. Hopefully! As soon as I got home and unpacked I went out for a ride on my bike, surprisingly!

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