Garry McGivern Fake TikTok Account

It’s been brought to my attention that somebody on TikTok has set up a fake account in my name Garry McGivern. I’M NOT ON TIKTOK. I’ve taken a look myself, and it’s very convincing. It’s all videos of me using my photographs. The videos are even worse than the ones I post on YouTube. Mind you, how does the saying go, “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!”

Whilst I don’t have a problem with somebody using my photos or making videos of me, I do have a problem when they are pretending that it’s me who is making them. (I have a reputation to keep!) I’ve reported the account to TikTok; for what good it will do, I don’t know. But if anybody that follows me on here or on any of my social media accounts and is on TikTok. Could you search out the account and report it as fake, please? If you put my name Garry McGivern into search on TikTok, I’ll come up.

If anybody ever receives a friend request from me on any social media platform, it’s not me. I don’t send out friend requests. But if you do and are convinced it is me contact me via the website, and I’ll confirm if it’s me or not, which, as I said, probably won’t be.

While I’m here, thanks for all the likes and comments I receive on social media, I do read them, although I don’t generally reply. But I do appreciate them. If you’re not already a subscriber to my blog, you can subscribe here. Or, of course, you can always follow me on social media Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest. But not TikTok!

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