Garry McGivern’s March-2022 Update

Garry McGivern’s March-2022 update, Spring is here, and the campsites have started to open up. Not that it makes much difference to me! I’ve heard from the hospital. Phoned the police (waste of time) been babysitting Vicky’s cat, and poor Julie lost her cat.

Grange Farm on the Isle of Wight has opened up for the season, and I usually like to be there on the first day. Although that hasn’t happened since Covid struck in 2019. But I was hoping that maybe I would make it this year. Obviously not! I find it hard enough coping around the house. Crawling in and out of a tent would just about finish me off! But I hope to make it over to the island at least once before the years out. Please!


I finally gave up on waiting for the hospital to contact me and phoned them. It didn’t go well, and it was as I’d feared. There was no chance! They aren’t making any admissions at all. In fact, they’re cancelling operations left, right and centre. Although they may have just said that to me because I’ll need to be in hospital for a couple of weeks. But it may also be due to the rising cases of Covid, they never said. But with the rise in fuel bills, I might be better waiting until next winter anyway. Then I can get two weeks of free heat! I do, however, have one more avenue to pursue, which I will do later this week.

There’s Some Right Little S@#*% About

I’ve been trying to get a haircut for the past few weeks. But every time I’ve passed the barber’s, somebody’s always been in there. And not being noted for my patience, I don’t bother waiting. But one Saturday, as I passed, I noticed the place was empty. I quickly pulled up and started to lock my bike to the post outside. While locking my bike, some little shit, and yes, I do mean shit, walked past on the other side of the road, blatantly waving a pair of bolt croppers!

I continued to lock my bike and then felt his presence behind me. He had obviously come over to check out my bike. As I turned around, he was walking away up the road. My pub bike isn’t in the best condition and is probably twice as old as he was, so it wasn’t worth his time. While watching the little scrote, he turned around, waving the huge bolt croppers at me, which were about eighteen inches long! I stood there in disbelief. It was so blatant what he was up to.

As I stood there debating whether to phone the police or not, a lady came past with her daughter. She commented, and I said to her what he was up to. She agreed that I should phone the police. And while I was on the phone with the police, he stole a bike from further up the road! What did the police say? If you see him again, give us a call! It’s a joke that the police don’t respond! Would they have said the same if it was a car? No wonder he could walk around the way he did.

I continued to lock my bike up and went to open the door to the barber, only to find out that Brian had to close it due to an emergency! That probably worked out for the best. I’m sure the little shit would have come back to get my bike out of spite. I went looking for him, but he was nowhere to be seen.


Vicky and her family have been on holiday for the past two weeks. So I’ve been babysitting their cat, Toby. Who is never a problem, I quite enjoy it. Unfortunately, Julie had to have her cat Murphy put to sleep. He’d not been too good for the past week. Usually, Murphy’s there waiting for a treat whenever I go around. He knows I always give him something, so he always looked out for me, well that’s what I like to think! But in recent days, he wasn’t to be seen, and Julie said that he was also off his food. Poor Murphy, I’ll miss him, and I know Julie definitely will.

Cat on bike

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2 Replies to “Garry McGivern’s March-2022 Update”

  1. Hey Garry,

    Its a real shame that your health system hadn’t reset to manage this pandemic.

    I am in Perth Australia and our state managed to keep covid out until recently. In spite of having two years to plan it became very evident very quickly that little though had gone into planning for the health system impact. Especially adequately staffing and valuing nursing who are poorly remunerated for the 24 x 7 care.

    Having recently undergone urgent surgery at the start of the outbreak I was very humbled to learn that my surgeon, a young family man, had left his family and was camping in his consulting rooms as too many patients were counting on him so stay well. In my case a surgical team of several professionals gave up their Saturday to give me the best chance.

    Sadly, even at this early stage of Covid the hospital patient care model was showing cracks.

    I feel for you and the many in the same situation as you. I feel Governments have failed to respond appropriately in supporting hospitals in this very exceptional time.

    My hope here is that our two main parties loose their seats in parliament as they need a wakeup call from the people to focus on core values, a safe place to live, a quality heath and age care system and ( lots more cycling networks 🙂🙂)

    1. Perth is a lovely city, although very expensive from what I remember!
      Health care workers seem to get treated the same there as they do here. They deserve so much more. And by the sounds of things, politics aren’t much different either.
      I hope your recovery went well and everything is okay now.
      Stay safe and keep peddling

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