Marin Palisades Trail

Garry’s Marin in 2015

Garry started bicycle touring using his Marin Palisades Trail, mountain bike. Which he brought in 1992. Garry had always been a keen cyclist. But family life and work commitments, prevented Garry from cycling as much as he would have liked.

In 2002, Garry gave up smoking, after being a smoker for much of his life! And being a heavy smoker, smoking 40/60 cigarettes a day, it was a struggle!

Now Garry was riding his bike a lot more, he added a rear rack and some panniers. Making it more of a hybrid bike. After making these modifications, Garry went on his first long-distance cycle ride. An 80-mile bike ride, along the south coast of England.

After this first ride, Garry found he had a real taste for long-distance riding and cycle-touring. And soon added a front rack and panniers to his bike. Now Garry’s Marin was fully converted to a hybrid bike, he would get away as often as possible. Which wasn’t very often!

Garry’s Marin bike, a few years later on the Isle of Wight. Now with a front rack fitted

Unfortunately, in 2007 Garry lost his wife to breast cancer. After his sad lose, Garry decided to go on a long bicycle ride! From Spain to England! Unfortunately, Garry’s Marin Palisades Trail was now 17 years old, and bike technology had moved on. And as much as Garry would have loved to have ridden his Marin from Spain, back home. He decided it was probably better to get a new bike.

Although Garry doesn’t use his Marin for touring anymore, he still rides it every day.

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