Italian Bicycle Tour 26th-May-2010

Garry McGivern’s Italian bicycle tour, Wednesday 26th-May-2010 Monopoli to Metaponto. 77 miles. It’s not been a good day, with things going awry right at the beginning of the day. When I left the hotel this morning, I thought I’d be clever. And instead of going back the way I’d come into town last night, to find my road. I thought I’d go my way to find the road, thinking it would be a shortcut and I wouldn’t be going back on myself. Some shortcut that was what took fifteen minutes to cycle yesterday took over an hour this morning. That just about set the tone for the rest of the day.

Man bike tree
Resting in the shade of a tree

Once I’d found my way back to the right road. I then spent the next four hours trudging uphill. Then once I’d reached the top, I was enjoying the fruits of my efforts, freewheeling downhill. I took a wrong turn and had to turn around and cycle back up the hill. But thankfully, not as far this time. But it was still an unnecessary climb, something I could have done without having to do. I can’t say that it was entirely my fault. Some of the names on the signs are very similar. And unless you look properly, it’s easy to follow the wrong sign and end up in the wrong place. Well, that’s my excuse, and I’m sticking to it.

Glad The Day’s Over

Many of today’s problems stem from partaking in a little too much of the local vino last night. I knew I shouldn’t have had that third carafe! It doesn’t matter now as I’ve found a campsite again tonight. So there’ll be no vino, just beer! Hopefully, tomorrow will be a lot better.

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