January 2016 Update

Garry McGivern’s January 2016 monthly update. Warning! Before reading Garry’s January 2016 update, please make sure you’re sitting down somewhere comfortable. You may be in for a shock as there is possibly some disturbing news contained within! By reading on, you do so at your own risk! Garry cannot be held responsible for any accidents that may occur while reading this!

It’s been a busy month what with one thing and another. Unfortunately, not with cycling, though! The main reason for being busy is. Wait for it. Make sure you’re sitting down! I’ve returned to work! After more or less two years!

My back/leg still isn’t that brilliant, and I’m still in pain and don’t have much strength in my leg. But the pain has eased quite significantly to what it was. And I think I’m gaining some strength in my leg, Although it still feels as if it’s going to give way!

What’s It Like To Work

Work is definitely a bit of a struggle. Everything seems to be twice as hard as it used to be. And I can no longer work the way I used to. I’ve had to adapt, i.e., when putting something down. Don’t put it on the floor. Put it on a bench or somewhere off the ground. It saves bending down so far. Or instead of carrying two or three lengths of wood at a time, just carry one! By adapting little things like these, I am at least able to work in a fashion!

I may not be as fast as I used to be, and sometimes, I feel I’ve not done enough. But that’s just the way it is, and I’ve got to accept the fact that I’m not able to do some of the things I used to do. Or at least not as fast as I used to! By the end of the day, I’m really glad to finish and go home. It gets very tiring being in pain and discomfort all day long! Luckily who I’m working for at the moment understands all this and is fine with it, I think!?! But saying all that, I’m really happy and enjoying being back at work.

On the cycling front, there really isn’t much to say, and I’ve really not done much of it. This work thing seems to be getting in the way! Apart from work, it’s just not a very nice time of year for cycling. When I get home from work it’s dark and usually wet and windy out, not very pleasant cycling weather at all!

A couple of random photos from last weekend’s ride to Dorset

Last weekend was good with my little ride down to Christchurch in Dorset. I was hoping to be able to go somewhere this weekend. But I just had too much to do at home! Hopefully, I’ll get away on a few of the weekends next month if I can think of somewhere to go that I haven’t cycled to already! (Any ideas would be gratefully appreciated)

Another piece of shocking news is that I also seemed to have gone teetotal! I’ve hardly been to the pub at all this month (so I’ve not been able to annoy anybody there) and only had a few drinks at home when I’ve been having my dinner, which for me is like being teetotal!

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  1. Hope your pain levels settle down Garry. Great cycling weather here in Australia right now. Kalamunda is a cycling mecca on weekends now with mountain bikers and MAMILS riding around the hills.sipping coffee in Haynes Street

    1. Thanks Jenette. MAMILS I like that I’ve not heard that expression before, we have them here and they’re not a pretty sight! Why do they do it, do they really think they look good?? As I’ve always said it’s not a good look for a middle aged man! Hope you enjoyed your coffee.

    1. Thank you Andras, I hope so too! I heard from Lea the other week and hopefully I was able to help her with the planning of her trip to Kazakhstan.

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