January 2022 Monthly Update

Garry’s monthly update for January 2022. January is always quiet, but this January has been exceptionally quiet! My bike has hardly come out of the garage, and I’ve only left home on a few occasions. And that’s only to go shopping! I’m finding everything too uncomfortable and painful! Every day when the sun shines, I think I’ll go out for a ride, and every time I do, I pay for it and spend the next few days suffering! It all sounds a bit defeatist, which it probably is! But it’s not just the pain that I could probably cope with! It’s more that I don’t feel particularly good with it either!

I’ve got my preoperative assessment early in February, so I hope my operation will be soon after! But I’m not going to hold my breath! The hospital stopped all non-essential operations earlier this month! And of course, last month they closed the ward just as I was due to attend for my cameras! But with the Omnicom Covid-19 variant receding, things are looking hopeful. I need to get this hip sorted out now!

Although I’ve not been anywhere, I’ve not been sitting around at home bored! No, I sit around getting angry at the state of British politics! Whatever happened to morals and standards! Apart from getting angry, much of my time has been spent updating the website and adding new photos. While updating the website, I realised that I’ve cycled in 39 different countries, and my mileage stands at 59900! Any ideas on where I should go for country number 40? If you’re unsure of the countries I’ve cycled to before, here’s an interactive map.

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3 Replies to “January 2022 Monthly Update”

  1. Hi Garry,
    I do hope your hip operation will be a success.
    Sadly read that you were cycling in Hungary, otherwise I would have invited you for a joint ride in my country.
    We met in Georgia (used to be part of the Soviet Union , before Tbilisi) You went on to Azerbaidjan-Kazakstan and China?
    cheers andrás

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