Thursday 6th February – January Update

Not liking this weather very much it just seems to be one storm after another, it’s constantly raining and blowing a gale! We had some high spring tides at the beginning of the month and what with a combination of the high tides and strong winds the prom (seafront path) became a bit of a no go zone. We were lucky here as we didn’t get any flooding, unlike other parts of the UK; we just ended up with a lot of stones everywhere which was brought in with the heavy seas.


Went up to London for a couple of nights and to go and see a West End show, we went to see War Horse Based on Michael Morpurgo’s novel, it takes you on an extraordinary journey from the fields of rural Devon to the trenches of the First World War in France. Filled with stirring music and songs, this powerfully moving and imaginative drama is a show of phenomenal inventiveness. At its heart are astonishing life-sized puppets, that bring breathing, galloping and charging horses to thrilling life on stage. A must see for anybody I would recommend it to all.

Whilst we were up in London we used the Boris bikes (as they’re called) to get around, ideal for me seeing as I’m still struggling to walk and they only cost £2 a day, we went all over London picking up the bikes at one point then dropping them off somewhere else whenever we stopped to see or do anything. On our last day in London because it was raining (for a change!) we went to London Zoo and found it to be fascinating, we (Julie and I) were both pleasantly surprised at the variety of animals and how well they seem to be cared for these days, no sparse cages with concrete floors with the animals just wandering up and down out of sheer boredom, like some other zoo’s I’ve been to, they all seemed to have plenty of room and they try to recreate as best they can their environment as it would be in the wild.

Started going out on my bike a bit more or rather going on longer rides, still find it rather hard as I’m a bit weak in my left leg, which is fine when I’m cycling along on flat ground but it’s bloody hard work going up hills! Furthest I’ve been is seventy miles, but that’s more to do with the fact that I’ve done most places that are a day’s ride from home, I find it pretty boring cycling along the same roads!

I’ve finally managed to see the main man about my back a Mr MuCutchan an Orthopaedic surgeon who just confirmed what I sort of already knew, that I do have a rather bad prolapsed disc which will require a Lumber Discectomy operation, that’s booked in for the beginning of March. He did say that had this happened a week or even a few days ago that he would have operated immediately but because I’ve had it for a few months now one more month won’t hurt! He said that I would get instant pain relief after the operation but the numbness and feeling might take a while or possibly never come back, he suspects that there might be some nerve damage! One slight point of concern he thought it was my right leg when it’s my left!!

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