June 2021 Monthly Update

June 2021 monthly update from Garry. Well, there’s not really a lot to say about June that I’ve not already mentioned through my daily posts. Unfortunately, though, that’s it for the foreseeable future! And even though I’ve only been visiting some of my regular haunts and not covered a vast distance. It was only just over 400-miles in two weeks! Nevertheless, it’s been great to be cycle-touring (sort of) and camping once again.

Man on bike
Coming up the hill in Studland. Photo courtesy of Tony Hill

I had hoped to continue cycling for a few more weeks. Going away midweek and returning home for the weekend, at least until the school’s break-up for the summer holidays. But I’ve been called into hospital for my hip operation!

Mural on wall
Mural on a wall at St Richard’s hospital

I received the phone call last Thursday. Which caught me on the hop! I was coming off the Isle of Wight ferry on my way to Brighstone. The lady on the phone asked if I could come in on the 6th of July! Which I just said yes to without giving it much thought! And it only dawned on me after putting the phone down that it was only just over a week away! And to make things worse, I’ve got to have a Covid test then self isolate until the operation! I’ve also got to have another blood test, just in case I have to have a blood transfusion! I think that’s a precautionary measure and a throwback to the Sepsis I contracted last time!

So it’s been a busy end to the month! What with getting organised for my hospital stay. Trying to think ahead, what needs to be done in the next month! As I don’t think I’ll be up to doing too much! Finishing off a couple of outstanding jobs, which hasn’t gone too well! And babysitting Vicky’s cat Toby!

Cat in cupboard
Come on where’s my breakfast!

Well, as I said earlier, that’s it for the foreseeable future! I’ve only really got today (Thursday 1st July) left! Tomorrow I have my blood taken, and Saturday, I have my Covid test, then that’s it!

Looking Forward

Hopefully, I’ll be back on the bike by the Autumn. However, whether I’m able to go away or not is a different story! And although I won’t be out and about on my bike for a while, I’m sure you’ll be hearing from me!

When I am eventually back out on the bike! There’s a new gallery at the bottom of the website. Which links to my Instagram account and will show my Instagram posts. So even if you’re not on Instagram, you can still view my posts. Or why not follow me, and be amongst the first to hear when I’m back on the road.

Bike by post
Stopping for a break on my way to Salisbury

I must say that I’m not really looking forward to the operation, or rather, more the recovery period after! It’s a shame I can’t just have the operation and jump straight back on the bike!

Strangely enough, the week leading up to the phone call from the hospital, I had started to experience some pain in my hip! This has become more intense as the week has gone on, so now is definitely the right time to go into hospital!

6 Replies to “June 2021 Monthly Update”

  1. You coming up that hill – the Don Quixote of the cycling world. ho ho. I’d get on one side of that bike and fall off the other.
    There’s a bike in the bus station; it’s been there about five years. I’m gonna try and salvage it.
    Hope the op goes well.

  2. Great to hear from you again hope all goes well for you I will keep you in my prayers. I myself had to attend hospital for a scan but they said that they will not operate makes things awful as it is affecting my bike rides and it hurts will seating .

    1. Thanks, Edward, sorry to hear that you’re in some pain. I know how that feels! Although thankfully, all my aches and pains tend to go away once I’m cycling! I hope you manage to get it all sorted.

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