Garry’s luggage is fully waterproof omitting the need to pack clothes and gear in separate bags.

Included below is a breakdown of what he carries in each bag.

Luggage cycle panniers
Garry’s bags are nearly all made by Ortlieb


  • Front Left Pannier; Sleeping bag, sleeping mat and silk liner
  • Front Right Pannier; Cooking equipment, crockery and cutlery
  • Back Right Pannier; Generally odd bits, tool kit, spares, maps, food and usually a can or two of beer just in case!
  • Back Left Pannier; Clothes, laptop, chargers, medical pack and toiletries
  • Bar Bag; Head torch, glasses, ride log, cameras, sun cream, sweets, bottle of coke and headphones. The map case on top has obviously a map in it and also a compass
  • Tent Bag; Believe it or not a tent! But also a Thermarest chair
  • Other Bags x2; Large bag contains waterproofs and sits on top of the tent on the back rack. The smaller bag carries my fleece when I’m not wearing it and sits on top of my back right pannier


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  1. A good selection of quality bags. It must have taken a lot of trial and error to balance that lot. Why Garry, a lot of nomads could learn a thing or two from you.

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