May 2021 Monthly Update

Garry’s monthly update for May 2021, or rather Garry’s 2021 update! As you may have gathered from the lack of updates, there’s not much going on. And there still isn’t! I just thought I’d bore you all with what little I have done and some future plans.

Thatched cottage
Interesting thatched roof I saw when out and about on my bike

I’ve now had my second Covid-19 vaccination and was hoping to go away on my bike somewhere today (Tuesday 1st June). But, unfortunately, I’ve got to work! Hopefully, though, I’ll have finished the job by next week, and I’ll be able to go away then. Although it’s actually worked out well, as I hadn’t realised it was half-term this week! So I wouldn’t have gone anywhere anyway!

Future Plans

I was thinking of cycling north, maybe up to Scotland! But now, even that seems complicated! What with all these local restrictions that have been introduced. And I’m not too sure how it all works (along with everybody else probably!) So I’ll just wait until next week and how things are then!

I would have loved to have gone abroad somewhere, but that’s even more complicated! What with our complex traffic light system, quarantines and testing! And that’s if I could find a country that would allow me in! As the list of countries that won’t allow UK citizens in seems to grow by the day!

Priory Park Chichester

I’ve been out and about a bit more on my bike in recent weeks, only locally (mainly because of work commitments), but it’s better than nothing! On my travels, I made a couple of videos using my new camera. One of which I’ve still got to get around to finishing off! The other one was Salterns Way, which runs from the Witterings to Chichester. It’s nothing challenging and is only about twelve miles in length, but it’s still a pleasant ride.

Other News

Julie, Vicky, Paul, Indya and myself had a lovely day out at Longleat Safari park, which was great fun. Although the drive there and back wasn’t particularly good, as we got stuck in traffic jams both ways! It reminded me why I like to cycle everywhere!

Grand house
Longleat house

There’s still no news on my hip operation, which is fine with me as I’m still coping well and managing to get around okay. Although I did notice the other day while pushing a wheelbarrow just how lopsided I walk. I had to watch that the contents didn’t spill out of one side!

Stay safe, everybody, and look out for each other.

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