Monday 11th May. Toledo

Day off today. I must be getting old I’ve not cycled that far yet and already I’m needing a day off! Been finding it very hard going this past week, but I’ve still been enjoying it, I just felt I needed a day off to recuperate and stay out of the sun as I seem to have caught it a bit too much in places despite putting loads of cream on. Today being a Monday May not have been the best day to stop as most bars and restaurants are shut! I knew that they did shut one day in the week as I’ve been caught out with it before, seems as though I’ve been caught out again then! Spent the day just hanging around the campsite just resting (it’s what us old folk do!) I did do some washing or rather more than I normally do, I washed everything including my fleece which hopefully I won’t be needing for a while! I must admit that by about mid afternoon I was getting bored! I could always have gone into town but I really don’t see the point! A; I’ve been here before and B; I’d only be in pain and struggling to walk around! It’s at times like this when I get really annoyed with my back, but hopefully in a few weeks time it’ll all be good again! Had some really good and exciting news last night, my Vicky got engaged to Paul her boyfriend for a good few years, congratulations to them both I’m really happy for them. Suppose I’d best get saving for that wedding and start writing that speech! Photo; Vicky and PaulHappy couple

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