Bike-Ride To Australia 12th-December 2011

Bike-Ride To Australia 12th-December 2011 Dhule to Bhusawal 77 miles. Every day this week, I’ve finished my ride in the dark, not today! It’s not been an enjoyable day, and I stopped at the first opportunity tonight!

The roads have changed today. Up until today, the road has mainly been a dual carriageway with smooth tarmac and a wide hard shoulder. But today, the road has gone down to a single carriageway with no hard shoulder, and these roads aren’t quiet! They’re laden with trucks and busses, all blasting their air horns! And after nearly being knocked off in the first ten minutes of the day! That set the tone for the day!

I looked at alternative routes, which would mean heading in a more northerly direction and then turning in a westerly direction further up. It would also have meant going on a big detour! But the roads looked as if they were just as bad as the one I’m on! So I’ve stuck with my original route in the hope of the road, improving further on! As a result, I’ve spent much of the day cycling on the verge! Which is just a dusty mud strip!

Menby bike
The staff at tonight’s hotel

As the day went on, I spent more and more time on the road and less on the verge, getting braver and braver! I’m banking on the kind nature of Indian people, not to knock me off! But they seem to take on a different personality when they get behind the wheel of a vehicle! They drive very aggressively and think that everything will move out of their way by blasting on their horns! It’s worked so far, although I have heard a few screeching tyres behind me when they’ve realised that I’m not going to move!

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