Monday 12th December 2011

Dhule to Bhusawal 77 miles

Not enjoyed today quite as much! Stopped at the first opportunity didn’t fancy being out in the dark on this road. I’m now heading in an easterly direct, whereas it’s been more of a northern direction. Change of road first thing, which is the reason I’ve not enjoyed it so much today. The road from Mumbai has been dual carriageway with a nice hard shoulder all the way, whereas this road is just as busy, but only single carriageway with no hard shoulder! After nearly being knocked off twice in the first 10 minutes, as soon as I heard a vehicle coming I’d get off the road and onto the mud, I soon got fed up with this and decided that I’m not enjoying this I’ll look for another way or go back to the road I’d been on and head up north then turn east further up, but the roads looked just the same and it would have been a really big detour, so i decided to stick with the route I’m on and just hope for the best with the traffic, I guessed that seeing as Indian people have been so nice, friendly and wanting to help that they wouldn’t actually knock me off! So far it’s worked, although I have heard a few screeching of tyres when they’ve realised that I’m not going to jump off the road!


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