Bike-Ride To Australia 13th-December 2011

Bike-Ride To Australia 13th-December 2011 Bhusawal to Akola 99 miles. Everybody’s constantly watching me and asking if I’m okay! I feel as if I’m living in a goldfish bowl! If I stop at the side of the road, I’m there for less than a minute before somebody appears and asks if I’m okay! It’s all very nice, but I am finding it a bit wearing now!

As for when I stop for something to eat, it’s like feeding time at the zoo! They’re not subtle. They sit down opposite you and just stare! I try and make conversation, but all I get back is a blank expression! When checking into a hotel, there are usually three or four people to carry things up to the room! You can’t do anything yourself! Thankfully I can go to the toilet in the privacy of my hotel room. I dread to think if it was a communal toilet!!

A busy road
Wide load coming through

The roads have been a bit better today, despite what the above picture shows!

After supper tonight, I sat talking to an English lecturer and his friend, who worked in the hotel. I think the young lad who worked in the hotel had contacted his friend to say an English man was here! Whether he did or not doesn’t matter. It made a nice change to talk with somebody who spoke good English. While talking, he warned me about the mosquitos! He said Akola is mosquito central! I must admit that I had noticed a few when I checked into the hotel. I hadn’t bought a mosquito net with me. It hadn’t occurred to me! Instead, I’ve put my inner tent up on the bed and will sleep in there!

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