Tuesday 13th December 2011

Bhusawal to Akola 99 miles

I feel as if I’m living my life in a gold fish bowl at the moment, everybody’s always watching what I do, if I stop by the side of the road for a minute or two people are stopping and asking if I’m ok, when I stop for something to eat I’m surrounded! It’s all fine but it does get a bit wearing after a while, you can’t do anything for yourself, when I check into a hotel there’s usually 3 or 4 people to help. Lunchtime they all sit with you and watch you eat! Thank god I can go to the toilet in the privacy of my hotel room, I dread to think otherwise!!

Sat talking to an English lecturer and his friend, who worked in the hotel, last night, nice to have a fairly decent English conversation. He told me that Akola is mosquito central, I had noticed a few about, so when I went to bed I put my tent up to use as a mosquito net!


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