Bike-Ride To Australia 14th-November 2011

Bike-Ride To Australia 14th-November 2011 Szekesfehervar to Mohacs 91 miles. Another cold and frosty start to the day. It’s not warmed up all day! And the only layer to come off today was my hat!

Little market stall outside a house
One of the many little stalls outside peoples houses

Hungary has been kind to me! So far, the route I’ve picked has seen very few hills, and the roads have been quiet. The only time the traffic increases is near motorway junctions and in towns. Although the roads aren’t good, they’re in a bit of a state! Not with potholes, just ruts, which are pretty deep! I have to be careful when negotiating them, my pedals catch on the sides, and I’ve nearly fallen off a couple of times!

Horse and cart
I’ve seen plenty of horse and carts today

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