Tuesday 15th November 2011

Warning sign
Watch out there’s mines in those fields

Tue 15. Mohacs to Novi Sad, Serbia. 104 miles. Cold start once again but at least it stays dry. Had to hand my passport over at the Croatian border first time I’ve had to do that on this trip. They obviously only let lorries through at a certain time as they were all queued up waiting to cross, passed through the Hungarian side and then proceeded the Croatian side who were also ok, I was having a conversation with a policeman I think (he wasn’t in a uniform but had a badge) whilst the border guards checked my passport, I think he was asking me where I was going, so I told him, not too sure what he thought about it but he shook his head a few times at certain countries. Pleasant ride through Croatia, nice and flat. I got to Osijek and continued to ride through and head in an easterly direction, (what other way would I be going on this trip?) I passed a couple of houses that looked as if they were riddled with bullet holes but thought not it must be something else. Then after about a kilometre when I was away from any houses and surrounded by fields I noticed there were some signs with skull and cross bones on them, after a closure look they were warning about mines! Perhaps they were bullet holes after all. Also glad I didn’t have to pop into the fields for a comfort break, that could have been painful! More border checks crossing into Serbia but again no problem.

Monday 14th November 2011

Little market stall outside a house
One of the many little stalls outside peoples houses

Mon 14. Szekesfehervar to Mohacs 91 miles. Very cold and frosty this morning and been fairly cold all day not taken any layers off apart from my hat. It’s been a flat ride through Hungary with very few hills, well not the route I’ve taken anyway, the roads are pretty quite apart from near motorway junctions and in and out of towns. The roads are in a bit of a state not pot holed justs ruts in them! And quite deep.

Sunday 13th November 2011

Tesco store in Mosonmagyarovar Hungary
There’s no escaping Tesco

Sun 13. Mosonmagyarovar to Szekesfehervar 79 miles. Gone are the new Audi’s and Bmw’s of the last two countries replaced with much older Fiats and Opel’s and much quieter roads. Very frosty first thing and took quite a while before the sun burned it off, very flat today and no wind. Made good progress today, decided to stop at the side of the road for a bite to eat around midday, I’d just finished the roll I’d managed to get at breakfast this morning, when an old Vauxhall pulled up with 3 men in it, not feeling too easy about the situation I started to get ready to move. One of the men jumped out and rushed towards me and was making gestures to me that he wanted money and was offering me a ring! I firmly said no and packed my bike up but he wouldn’t give up, I just ignored him the best I could, I think his mates got fed up and called him to the car, as they drove off I peddled in the opposite direction luckily, a bit of a worrying situation, but it was all ok in the end. Don’t suppose it will be the last time as much as I’d to think so!

Saturday 12th November

The Arsenal Vienna
The Arsenal Vienna

Sat 12. Vienna to Mosonmagyarovar, Hungary 62 miles. Well the hotel last night was a bit of a joke, considering it was trying to look all international and posh, although the price didn’t match that appearance. After being told that the restaurant was open till 9 and the bar till 10.45 I was a bit shocked when at 8.35 the bar was closing and also the restaurant due to the person who was meant to be working never turned up! The girl who was working just said she was closing up as she’d been there since 8 this morning, was that my fault, I nearly said that I’d rode for 10 hours and done 130 km but I didn’t I just ordered a few beers before she left! Breakfast was the same it was supposed to be at 6.30 but again no staff, there was loads of German women waiting also and they weren’t happy! Only realised last night that the city that I was staying in was Vienna, thought the incompetent girl on reception gave me a map for the wrong city as I was staying in Wien! The wind died down this afternoon so it was a pleasant ride into Hungary, didn’t realise that they don’t use the euro so stopped a bit earlier today to get some local money, shouldn’t need much as I think i’ll only be here for a couple of days. The other shock after entering Hungary was Tesco’s are here, should have brought my club card! The arsenal in Vienna, now a museum.