Hungary, Cycling To Australia 13th November 2011

Garry McGivern is in Hungary, cycling to Australia on the 13th of November 2011, Mosonmagyarovar to Szekesfehervar 79 miles. Gone are the new Audi’s and BMWs of Germany and Austria, replaced with battered old Fiats and Opel’s! The roads are also a lot quieter now.

It was a very frosty first thing today and took quite a while before the sun burned it off. My ride today has been flat, with no wind. With it being so still and flat, I made good progress this morning and decided to stop at the side of the road for a bite to eat. I’d just finished the roll that I’d got from breakfast this morning when an old Vauxhall pulled up. And out jumped three men! Not feeling too easy about the situation, I started to get ready to move.

Aeroplane by building
Interesting use of a plane

One of the men rushed towards me and made gestures that he wanted money and was offering me a ring! Sternly I said no and packed my bike up, but he wouldn’t give up! He just kept going on, “lovely ring, very good quality.” In the end, I think his mates got fed up and called him back to the car. Luckily they drove off in the opposite direction to which I was going! I don’t suppose this will be my only scare on this trip, but I’d like to it was!

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