Monday 16th January 2012 – Dongguan to Puer

Dongguan to Puer 75 miles

It’s funny how somethings work out, was just about to leave the hotel this morning when I just thought I’d check with them to make sure I was going in the right direction. Just as well I did I shouldn’t have even been in that town! It turned out that there was a crossroads about a mile back where I took the wrong turning! So glad I did though, also glad I asked, might have ended up on quite a big detour!

Once I was back on the right road it was downhill for a good 15 miles or more. When I’d left the hotel it was a lovely clear sunny day, but as I started to descend you could see the clouds in the valley and it wasn’t long before I was in them and the sun had gone, it turned pretty could and I had to put another couple of layers on, I even put gloves on for the first time since Turkey!

Once I’d got down to the valley it was another climb up, this is how it’s been since leaving Kunming, I’d just like to be able to ride on a level surface for a few miles.

Lunch today was spent with another family, as I was going up another hill, just for a change, these people were calling me over to have some food, I was getting bored with going up hill so thought why not, had rice, 2 different cuts of pork and there was some chicken which I didn’t have as I could see the chickens head in the dish, which put me off and also more rice wine, I managed to get away with only a couple of small shots seeing as I still had a long way to peddle!

Had trouble finding a hotel again to night, the first didn’t have anywhere for my bike and the next couple were full, pulled up to the next one and saw the person on reception see me, by the time I’d parked my bike they were nowhere to be seen, obviously didn’t like the look of me!

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