Sunday 15th January 2012 in Dongguan

Got asked to go along to the local school and meet the pupils last night. I don’t normally stay more than one night but it was so much fun and the people so nice I decided to stay another night and go along to the school, it could be a good experience.

After having a bit of a lay in this morning I went down stairs to see if I could get the internet in my room, on my laptop, the girl not really understanding me came up to my room but didn’t know how to do it herself, so they moved me to another room that had a computer in it, so at least I could check my emails.

After checking my emails I went to go out for a wander, when I handed the key over the girl had been on a translation site and had written down that I should join them for something to eat again! After my little wander, I went back to the hotel and went into the courtyard, just in time to see a chicken being killed, which was then plucked, cleaned, cut up and then cooked. Every part of the chicken was used including it’s head which was frying along with everything else. Along came several other people who joined in, in preparing lunch. When it was served it was another huge feast with more toasting and more rice wine! Us men were sat at one table and the women at another.

Went along to the school this evening, school goes on until about 9pm as there all boarders. Went into the classroom and they were all sat there very quite at there desks with books piled high on each desk, think some of the students could only just see over the top of them. I introduced myself to them and told them what I was doing, I then asked them if they had any questions to which there was silence, one of the teachers started to ask questions and then a couple of the students started to talk, the teacher explained how shy and embarrassed they are which is why they never spoke, they were embarrassed! I even got the chalk out and wrote on the chalk board to explain were I lived, now I really did feel like a teacher! After an hour or so it was time to go so I said goodbye, one brave girl asked if she could have a photo with me to which I obviously said yes, after that one of the teachers asked if there was anybody else, to which there was a mad scramble and all of a sudden I was mobbed! A really good experience and another lasting memory of this trip.

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