Monday 19th March 2012 – Perth

After breakfast this morning it was time to unpack the bike and re-assemble it and make sure it was ok. Managed to put the bike back together fairly quickly and easily, getting good at this. Next it was off to find a cycle shop to get the alan screw replaced that I had to saw off and get it serviced, best get the screw replaced it holds the handlebars! I’d already found a couple of cycle shops on the internet and knew roughly where they were, so off I went in search, managed to get a little lost but not like in Kuala Lumpur, this time it was fine I just popped into an estate agents and asked the girl in there where the address was who just looked it up on Google maps, I wasn’t that far away and was quickly at the shop, spoke to the two men inside who were very nice. Apparently the bike was in fairly good condition considering how many miles it’s done, all it really needs is a new chain set and the brake cables tightened up.

Left the bike with them, should be ready late afternoon tomorrow. I headed back into the city by bus, which was only, as the locals all seem to say “only a couple of bucks!” Later on I got a phone call from the cycle shop saying that they hadn’t got the right chainset and have had to order it from Melbourne which they wouldn’t get until about midday on Wednesday, which means staying a day longer than I planned, but it is what it is!

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