Tuesday 20th March – Perth

Had to book another night in the hotel due to the bike not being ready. Tried the hotel I’m in first, there fully booked and couldn’t extend my room, so I had to go on line at more than £8 an hour to try and find another hotel, cheapest one I could find was for £500! Apparently there’s a real shortage of hotel rooms here, I even looked at backpacker hostels! Eventually found a guesthouse about 20 miles away.

Went to see some friends this afternoon that moved out here about 7 months ago, which was really nice, it was nice to see some familiar faces. They all looked really well and are enjoying their new life over here. Detected that, they are all picking up a bit of an Aussie accent, more so in the children and only the odd word that Jodie (mum) says, particularly “sweetie.” Grant (dad) seems to be the one that hasn’t picked up any accent yet!

Went and picked the children up from school, which was nice to see, there so much more relaxed, there not all fenced in behind locked gates, unlike our schools seem to be these days! There didn’t seem to be the rush of mums all in there 4x4s either! Spent the rest of the afternoon and evening talking and watching the children play. Good to see them all enjoying their new life.

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