Monday 20th August 2012 in Aktau

Spent the first three hours of the day waiting to get a stamp on my departure card, all they kept saying was in 10 minutes, I think it’s the only English that he knew! Eventually got the stamp after 3 hours of waiting!

Realised halfway through the afternoon that I might have the wrong date stamp, so went back down the police station and again got told come back in 10 minutes, this time I did and spoke to a woman who spoke very good English. She told me you can’t continue from one visa to the next without leaving the country you have to leave on the 31st then come back in, they told you wrong in Azerbaijan, or maybe I didn’t ask the right question!

Not many options open to me really, all the countries close by require you to have a visa, which A: I obviously don’t have and B: they’re not easy visas to get. Got a choice of flying to Georgia, Istanbul or Amsterdam from the airports near me! The cheapest one was Istanbul, but I couldn’t buy a ticket as the credit card machine isn’t working!

Thinking of giving up, all the options seem to be so expensive!

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