Cycling The World Kazakhstan 19th-August-2012

Garry McGivern’s cycling around the world, Sunday 19th-August-2012 in Aktau, Kazakhstan. Well, I was hoping to be on the road today. But I found out last night that you must get your passport stamped by the local police within five days of entering the country. Or be shot! Not really I think it’s just a fine. Unfortunately, the man who gives out the stamps wasn’t there today, so I’ve got to try again tomorrow. Everything seems really long-winded and has to be done at least twice! But it is what it is!

Road buildings square
The view from my room

I asked reception earlier what there was to see or do around here, and the reply was nothing! After having a wander, I think they’re right! Although I have noticed a couple of things. The streets here don’t have names, just micro districts and numbers! All very different and challenging! It’s all very Stalinist and ex-Soviet Union, which it is, of course. And people’s faces how much they’ve changed. It’s only a relatively short distance across the Caspian sea, but they look more oriental now.

I decided to get a haircut this afternoon. Not that I really needed one, but it was something to do! After my haircut, I retired to the hotel bar. All the girls seem to want to pick me up! Or is it just wishful thinking on my part? It reminds me of Thailand.

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Don’t forget the main reason behind my ride. I want to raise as much money for cancer research charities as possible. After my wife, Josie, died of breast cancer in 2007, aged only 42. Even the smallest donation helps. You can donate to Cancer Research UK or the Australian National Breast Cancer Foundation. Click on either one to donate. Every little bit helps to rid the world of this cruel disease.

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