Cycle Touring England Monday 30th May. Crowborough to Bognor Regis. 67 miles.

Nice early start this morning I was on the road by 6.30, which was mainly due to the insomnia I’m experiencing at the moment due to the steroids I’m taking! But it’s also so light in the mornings at this time of year; I always like to go away cycling when the days are long.

As I sat I my tent last night I heard another cyclist pull up next to me and pitch his tent, so I thought I’d go and have a chat with him to see where he’s going to and where he’s come from, I just thought that I’d let him get settled in first. Just as well I did, as I sat in my tent I could hear the conversation that he was having with some of the people that walked by. They were also intrigued to know what he was doing, all I heard him say was that he’d come from Kent but hadn’t gone very far today as he’d got an upset stomach and hasn’t been able to keep anything in all day, lovely! Needless to say I gave him a wide berth and never bothered to go and speak to him, I just hid in my tent!

The ride home was pretty windy but luckily it was mainly on my back and I came home in a bit of a roundabout way so I could cycle home a different way and ended up on the Downs Link which links the North Downs and the South Downs which was really pleasant.

I arrived home at about 2pm.

Lancing College
Lancing College

Photo; Lancing College as viewed from the Downs Link route, it always reminds me of Harry Potter!

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