Monday 6th February 2012 – Lang Suan to Wiang Sa

Lang Suan to Wiang Sa. 101 miles

Think I’m going to have to start wear long sleeves and a hat, it doesn’t seem to matter how much sun cream I put on it’s just not working, I just sweat it all off after half an hour or so. Looking rather red tonight and feeling a bit sore! And there’s everybody in England suffering sub zero conditions with snow everywhere!

It’s quite amusing watching people get out of their vehicles, they all drive Toyota Hilux pickups which aren’t small, but the Thai people are pretty small, think most of them need a ladder to get in and out!

Dinners tonight was rather hot it was a sort of soup, very tasty but extremely hot. I’d spent all day sweating and now I’m having dinner I’m sweating even more it was pouring off me, but I got through it, I think even the chef was impressed, think it was a ploy on there part to get me to buy more beer, ha! They don’t know me, I don’t need an excuse!

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