Cycle Touring England Monday 7th September. Stawell to Bridgwater and back. 16 miles.

Only 16 miles today as I spent most of it hanging around Bridgwater waiting for my bike to be serviced which was the only reason for coming away in the first place. Can’t say that Bridgwater is a pretty place it seemed a bit run down to me with plenty of closed and boarded up shops. The old part near the church seemed ok with some old houses. But that was about it. After spending the morning meandering around the town and sitting down to rest a lot I gave in and went for a pint, after all it was midday! I was only in the pub for an hour when I got a phone call to say that my bike was ready. After picking my bike up I came back to the campsite and found I had some neighbours, funny couple both in their fifties they didn’t even acknowledge me they just avoided all eye contact completely even though they were only 10 yards away! I did hear him on the phone, he must have phoned everybody he knew telling them that they were here and that they were ok, I think it must have been their first time camping as he sounded like an excited school boy every time he spoke to somebody!

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